to greatness with Fundraising, Leadership Development, Nonprofit strategy #101

I’m Dr. Monique Salinas and I want to put my experience and passion to work for YOU!

As a dedicated nonprofit organization, you want to empower the world for good. You want to make a lasting difference in your community. But………

Perhaps you are resource-starved. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed. Perhaps you just don’t have the information you need to develop targeted plans and effective strategies.

Let me share with you that I am an outspoken advocate of nonprofits accelerating social impact by applying powerful fund development plans, tackling tough challenges in leadership, and cultivating cutting edge tactics in nonprofit strategy.

Why am I outspoken? Because I have been right where you are—and after 20+ years of hands-on experience raising over 3.5 million dollars of revenue in the nonprofit world and forming many deep collaborative relationships, I now want to help nonprofits be successful. I can change more lives by helping other organizations. I want to show others the shortcuts I’ve learned and share my hard-earned nonprofit education in Fundraising/Leadership Development/Nonprofit strategy #101.

“Because I have been right where you are…”

From online fundraising to digital marketing, from donor acquisition to social media impact, from nonprofit fund development action plans to game-changing calls to action, let’s get ready to accelerate YOUR organization. Let’s develop a plan and advance YOUR mission. Together, WE can change the world!