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Strategic Thinking, Road Maps, and the Iron Man

Sometimes the best way to learn comes from contemplating the stories of others. For example, take the story of Tony Stark, Iron Man, who sacrificed everything in Avengers: Endgame.

Tony was a brainy and bright Avenger whose life journey taught him the process needed to use his powers effectively for good. He had a road map and a destination: invent a time machine and defeat Thanos. So, he took many calculated risks that would have destroyed a mere man!

Unfortunately, this is quite the opposite of many nonprofit organizations. So many are on a journey without a road map to their destinations. And some cannot even adequately describe WHAT their destination is. Or their destinations become lost under the heavy burden of constant, time consuming fundraising. Contributions seem to be always received at the last minute, leaving staff stressed and on the verge of burnout.  It is difficult to plan ahead when operating in a reactive rather than proactive situation.

I think this describes many of today’s nonprofits. Does it describe yours?

So I thought it would be helpful to follow the journey of one of my clients.

This nonprofit, serving vulnerable children, will be transformed from a very small organization with only three donors and one remaining board member, to a successful, healthy, child-centered, sustainable nonprofit with active direction, pragmatic insights, and dynamic leadership from myself/Ascend LLC.

I will give updates on the progress of this organization as it reboots itself starting with reforming the board, recreating a brand, increasing individual donors, engaging corporate donors, and many more significant topics.   

Together, this nonprofit and I will define the present status and the ultimate destination, create the roadmap to arrive at the destination, and implement benchmark SMART objectives on the way to complete the journey to the destination.    

While Tony Stark was a Super Hero and ended up giving his life for the triumph of good over evil, I know with wise and experienced counsel, accurate and deliberate planning, and the foresight to passionately dream and work hard to accomplish that dream, nonprofit organizations can identify their destination, generate a roadmap to it, and create audacious SUCCESS.

Together, we will change the world!

Stay tuned for more!!!

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